Fifteen Fascinating Facts that may Blow your Mind

Just the other day I was sitting around and it was raining outside.   There was nothing to do.  Somehow with all the channels that I have, there was nothing on television.  And it even felt like the internet had some sort of lack of information (which I know is impossible).  I guess I was just in the mood for some mindless entertainment.

Thankfully I came across these ridiculous facts that kept my attention span open for about 5 minutes.   If you guys are in the same pinch that I was then you’re in luck.  We’ve posted those facts here and now.

Check out 15 fascinating facts that may blow your mind after the jump….

What I’d love to do is get some amazing recordings of service calls back in the 80s.

Check out the rest of the facts below!

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  1. Ughhh every time I click on an image, I’m taken to a damn spam page that gives me a dialog box when I try to close it. Is this problem on your end, Unreality? It’s been ongoing for awhile now on your posts.

  2. The cheetah one is less fascinating, more depressing. They’ve bred themselves into a biological dead end and will be going the way of many cat species. Lions, tigers, cheetahs, all extinct within the next fifty years.

  3. your website is directing me (and many other I would guess) to annoying spam everytime I click a story…so much so I wont be visiting anymore until its fixed….sorry

  4. Tood bad Seth MacFarlane has such a drinking problem XD

    Also, what tween boy who was into music HASN’T said that they’d go out like Jim Morrison or Kurt Cobain or whoever their favourite dead rock star is?

  5. @Heche

    Me, for one. I loved Nirvana and The Doors as a kid and I still never said I wanted to kill myself to emulate them. I guess I never went through a moody emo phase like most people did.

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