Father’s Day at My House

I wasn’t quite sure what to get my dad for Father’s Day this year, but after hearing him namedrop Netflix a few times, I made it my mission to hook him up. I perused the various ways I could get the streaming service to his TV. AppleTV is nice, but I’ve never used it, so it would be tough to teach him how to do so. An Xbox 360 slim would be a pretty sleek console, but I forgot that Xbox Live Gold, required for Netflix, costs an additional $50 a year which is complete bullshit. Also, the dashboard is so jammed up with ads now, he’d never find out where Netflix actually was.

That’s where PS3 comes in. It’s (relatively) cheap at only $250, and it’s like three flicks of the D-pad until you can get to Netflix after booting it up. My dad learned how to use it within minutes, and already found some racing documentary he wanted to watch. As for whether he’ll actually use it for more than a “Netflix machine” like I labeled it? I’m not sure, but I bet he’d go for some Gran Turismo, if not just watch the replay at the end.

Also, my dad now has a better PS3 than me. Mine’s only the 160GB, hah.

Did you get your dad anything cool this year? Share below.

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  1. I got my dad tickets to see Ringo Starr in concert. I’m not raking in the big Blogger dollars like Paul so I couldn’t afford a $250 present.
    As for the PS3 vs 360 for netflix thing, I also prefer the layout of the netflix program on the ps3, its a much more clean and crisp presentation but that’s just me, plus he can now watch Blu Rays and have his god damn mind blown at how much clearer the picture is than compared to a dvd.

  2. I (my wife) am (is) currently in the process of making a grandson for my grandfather. At this point, ultrasound pictures are more than acceptable presents. We just had a 3d/4d ultrasound done and the quality is amazing. So my Dad got to see his grandson’s face 2 months before he’s due to be here. Happy father’s day!

    On the topic of netflix machines…I have all 3 of the big systems. We watch netflix on the PS3 and Wii…any time we try to watch it on the 360 we can never get it to work properly. Also the way the menu is set up and the way that it automatically starts your TV shows at whatever episode you’re currently on (and then takes forever to get to an episode select screen) is downright irritating. You made a good choice avoiding the xbox when it comes to netflix (that being said I still do the majority of my gaming on the box).

  3. What a waste dude, the Netflix setup on an Apple TV is like two clicks and in. And only $90.

    But hey, like you said it can do more if he even decides to play with it.

    I’m not big on high value gifts for dates other than X-mas and birthdays, so just a nice dinner out for me.

  4. I don’t think I know anyone who bought a PS3 to play games on. Sony really saved it’s bacon with the blu-ray and free online thing.

  5. if your dad is ONLY going to use the PS3 for netflix it was a waste of money. I just bought a toshiba bluray player for $80 that has wireless ‘net capability and netflix. So now I have a xbox360 with netflix, a wii w/netflix and the bluray. Out of the 3 the bluray is the easiest to use (it has a ‘netflix’ button on the remote) with the best menu navigational style.

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