Exclusive White Xbox One for Microsoft Employees


Reports have been circulating that a white edition of the Xbox One is available exclusively for Microsoft employees. As far as I know, the company has yet to comment about this ‘leak.’ Regardless, this looks pretty awesome and I’m sure they’ll start selling ‘limited’ versions of these later on. However, I’m still not convinced to buy the Xbox One at launch as enticing as it may seem. If the PlayStation 4 was available in white, I would surely line up just to get that edition.

What do you think? Is this a must have color or does it just look plain to you?

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  1. Never understood the big deal with coloured consoles personally, the design and look of the machine is probably right at the bottom of things that would sway me into buying one console over another.

    That being said I tend to associate white with microsoft and black with sony so I imagine it would be a smart move to release a white version to the public at some point

  2. (insert dripping with sarcasm font)

    Nick, Nick, Nick – Microsoft has no need of your “logic”, your “common sense”… really now, the latest iPhone will be available in GOLD, and you expect MS to concern themselves with quality games??? Pschaw. 😉

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