Every Single Allstate Mayhem Commercial

No, Unreality is not currently being supported by Allstate, and no one is paying me to write this post today (unfortunately). Rather, I just wanted to take the time to recognize what is one of the best ad campaigns of the decade. In a world jaded with almost every type of commercial, it takes a lot to make people actually want to seek out your ads and watch them, and inspire bloggers to assemble a post like this unprovoked.

The Allstate Mayhem campaign has been hilarious from day one, and has won numerous ad awards for its creativity and humor, though I have to say that 30 Rock and Oz actor Dean Winters deserves credit for making these spots work. I remember seeing the “Deer Mayhem” commercial in a movie theater literally the day after I had just murdered bambi on a dark road in my now-totaled Ford. It was hilarious and true, but I wasn’t the only one laughing in the theater, everyone was. And yeah, I had Allstate and they were totally awesome in getting me money and a temp car fast, so it’s actually got the product to back up the ads.

I’ve hunted down every single Mayhem commercial they’ve made so far and posted them in a row below. Some are better than others, but all are pretty great. If I ever get a real job in something like marketing, these are the kinds of ads I’d like to create.

Update: Adding a few more I’ve missed.

Deer Mayhem


GPS Mayhem


Raccoon Mayhem


Blind Spot Mayhem


Motorcycle Mayhem


Text Walker Mayhem


Toddler Mayhem


Teenage Girl Mayhem


Ref Mayhem


Snow Mayhem


Hot Jogger Mayhem and more on the next page.

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  1. I LOVE the raccoon one!
    Your American insurance commercials are the best! I have to give it up to the Geico ones too…especially the Woodchuck one..pure hilarity.

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