Every Burn Notice Ever


Look, I love Burn Notice, but as I’ve noted recently, the show is a bit formulaic at this point, and I think it needs to shake things up in order to stay fresh.

Well, this graphic (this is the top part, the full image is after the jump), pretty much sums up that formula, in a rather hilarious and exceptionally true way.

Click below to check out the full picture, and see if you disagree, which would shouldn’t.



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  1. This is just too good – muy funny. I saw all of season 1 of Burn Notice and I even have the season 2 box set lying around my house somewhere, but I just can’t get into this show for the very reason that every episode is sort of the same thing.
    USA does tend to do this a lot though, such as with Monk because I rented the complete season out and after I would watch that same episode format for like 16 episodes I couldn’t watch another episode of Monk for at least 2 months.
    Psych is somethign I’m perfectly happy with because the jokes are not always the same thing so it works more than other USA series in my opinion, but considering Psych is just my favourite to begin with, I guess that makes me bias.

  2. Yea, that’s pretty much Burn Notice in a nutshell, at least up till the current season. I actually like what they’re doing now, it’s a fresh coat of paint on my favorite car. All these USA are basically procedurals, and I suppose there’s nothing wring with that on basic cable. Entourage, on the other hand…

    I love it too, but College Humor did an amazing video on their formula, the difference with them is that they repeat the arc each season instead of each episode. I’m not gonna like it here cause it’ll probably be blocked, but I suggest you check it out if you liked this article

  3. I love the show but I doubt i’ll watch the new season. I’m just getting really tired of seeing Westen and Co. do the same shit they were doing in season 1. I think the show would be a lot easier to watch if Fiona would just eat something. Or get killed, whichever’s easiest to pull off.

  4. Someone needs to make an outtake reel of Sam saying, “I can check with one of my buddies over at…” There must be at least one per episode.

    PS. I love the show.

  5. Hilarious, thanks! I’d add in one of Fiona saying “MICHAEL, what about the CHILDREN?” and Sam saying “I’ll call a few buddies who owe me favors and will give me a bunch of boats to blow up.” I loved the first season, but it got formulaic right after that and never looked back.

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