Disney Animals Founds in Real Life

A great many Disney films are based around animals forming friendships that would likely never exist in real life. Until they do, that is.

Turns out that many of the famous pairings from Disney movies have indeed been found in nature, and photographed as well. From The Lion King to Bambi to the  Jungle Book and more, there are tons of examples of this phenomenon that you can check out below.

I think my favorite is the baby deer who is totally about to be sprayed by a skunk, which is the real life ending of that friendship.

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  1. Ok first off, lets point out the inaccuracies.

    The meerkat and the lion cub are not from nature. Just two animals raised in captivity and placed together.

    Lady and the Tramp? I’ll let that slide as dogs are technically not found in nature anyways. ( wolves, dingos, coyotes, etc. are, but a different species from Canis familiaris)

    101 dalmations? Really? takeing 2 disneymovies and placeing them side by side isn’t quite following the “found in nature” description.

    The last one of Dori and Marlin is not very accurate. Although it is a blue tang, Dori is a Blue hippo tang not a powder blue tang, they look very different. And I doubt it is a photograph from nature aswell. Sticking 2 animals together and takeing a picture dose not quite count.

    Secondly, I hope the author of this post dose more “homework” next time around. Although I have enjoyed some of the posts, many of the recent works have been lacking in may areas.

  2. Really? You come to unreality for serious journalism? I’ll agree the 101 dalmations doesn’t really fit the theme, but c’mon, it’s just pictures of animals. Lighten up…

    and it’s “does” not “dose”, as in “the author DOES more homework”

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