Dexter Infographic Is a Killing Spree Scoreboard of Awesomeness

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Infographics aren’t as trendy as they used to be a few months ago, but I’ll be damned if I was going to pass up posting one this cool. If you’re like me, you’ve often wondered what the grand total is for Dexter’s killcount, and DeviantArtist Dehahs has answered your prayers and done extensive research into the series to figure out all the deaths that tie back to Dexter.

But that’s not all! He’s classified them into Code/non-Code/self-defense/indirect/partner kill categories, what type of weapon was used and how many murders that person was responsible for.

Yes, there are some blanks, as a number of kills have never been discussed directly on the show, but it’s a pretty damn comprehensive list. The grand total seems to be about 86 kills, taking out the indirect ones, but I swear at the beginning of season five, Dexter had said he’d killed 65 people, and definitely didn’t off 20 after that. Think we might have a few too many Unknowns in there, but whatever, the more murder the merrier in this case.

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