A Real Life Melody Pond

melody pond

“How big a geek are you Kathleen?”

“Why, I’m so big a geek I made a perfect replica of Melody Pond’s cradle from Doctor Who.”

“That’s extremely impressive and it looks fantastic.”

“Also my last name is Gallafraigh.”

“Wait, seriously?”

“And that’s the wee baby Andred Gallafraigh.”

“Holy crap. But you know it’s spelled Gallifrey right?”


But seriously, this is a real crib, a real baby and a real mom who’s last name is Gallafraigh. I’m assuming she’s just Irish and not a Doctor Who fan who can’t spell, in which case that is an awesome coincidence

[via GeeksAreSexy]

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  1. Google has this to say:

    As far as is known, the surname “Gallafraigh” is a modern surname which was created by a married couple in the year 2012 to accommodate their need to not take either of the others’ surname. “Gallafraigh” is an Irish sounding spelling/iteration (as a nod to the wife’s Irish heritage) of “Gallifrey” (the plant of the Time Lords in the British television show “Dr. Who.”) According to the couple who adopted this surname, it means “renewal.”

  2. Everyone should search their own name online. I’m surprised every time.
    Yes, the previous replier did his research correctly. My husband and I are Whovians and have been since childhood.
    But shows don’t last forever no matter how good they are. That’s why the last name ultimately takes the true, ancient Irish rules in spelling to be forever linked to the rich heritage that has been painstakingly researched.

    Also, the name Andred just happens to be used in a show with Tom Baker. The script writer was most likely a good reader of ancient literature. This is a name from the legends of King Arthur. It’s not well known, especially outside of Europe.

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