Debate of the Day: Will Iron Man 3 Be Awesome or Awful?


There’s a new trailer out for Iron Man 3, which shows much, much more footage that we’ve ever seen from the film. I’m currently trying to decide how this film is going to go once it’s finally released. I didn’t hate Iron Man 2 as much as everyone else seemed to. I actually thought they did a good job balancing the amount of villains contained within, and Sam Rockwell and Mickey Rourke were both hilarious in different ways.

How much will Jon Favreau’s absence be missed here? Shane Black directed Robert Downey Jr. in maybe his best film ever, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, so could he bring out a similar performance here? And will Ben Kingsley’s Mandarin be a GOOD villain with a weird voice (a-la-Bane and the Joker) or just a weird one? I’m leaning toward weird at the moment, but I guess I need to see more.

It is rather cool to see Stark’s army of mechs aiding him in battle, even though that’s a touch confusing as we watched them all being blown up at the beginning of the trailer. Does he have just dozens of reserves or something? How does he find the time?

I’d love to hear your thoughts and predictions below.

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  1. I’m going to go with awesome just because the last 2 have both been good. I don’t know who hated Iron Man 2. The plot wasn’t as strong but the action was better and it was a good movie overall even if I would rank Iron Man 1 tad higher.

    This movie does seem like it could possibly be a bit too busy between showing off Iron Man, War Machine, Mandarin, and IM’s 40 or so extra armors. I’m hoping that the only issue I have with it though is that I will wish that the extra armors will have gotten more screentime. So, I’m about 90% confident this will be great.

  2. Shane Black’s a damn good writer, and if KKBB is any indication a strong director to boot. Jon Favreau, though good with actors and a decent overall director, doesn’t excite me nearly as much.

    Plus, somebody along the way (Black?) compared parts of this movie to a Tom Clancy story… which sounds great to me.

    I’m tentatively expecting this one to be my favorite of the trilogy.

  3. Unless there is a Tony Stark emo dancing/singing scene, I feel pretty good about this one. The Extremis story line is intriguing fiction; I just hope they can condense the better parts of the story into 2 hours.

  4. I have high hopes, but worry that they are trying to cram too much into one film. Multiple villains/plots rarely work out well.

    And while Shane Black has written some action movies, he hasn’t directed any. He’s kind of a wild card at this point. That being said, Marvel’s movies lately have been pretty great, with the worst of them still being very watchable, I would be surprised if they totally drop the ball with what may be their most popular franchise.

  5. The Iron Legion (all of Tony’s armor suits following his command) story line is pretty awesome to be honest.

    I don’t think it will come across cheesy at all and could really go down as the best out of the 3 films. The only thing this one will have going against it is that it’s not an “origin” film such as the 1st movie. With that movie we were introduced to Tony, who was so brilliantly played by Downey to a point I don’t think anyone saw coming. Then we were also given a great story of betrayal and redemption and throw in some amazing special effects it is just hard to beat.

    Though with this film, if it goes the “dark” route of the Iron Man comics – then I think we’re in for a great treat!

  6. @XenoIrish

    Kiss Kiss Bang Bang only has action in a couple brief scenes, but whenever they show up it’s handled really well. Clear stakes, good timing, and a decent amount of visceral impact. We’ll see about the large-scale stuff, but Black handed in some pretty slick filmmaking within the confines of his directorial debut.

  7. After Avengers I have a lot of faith in Marvel and what they are creating and putting out – particularly as Whedon is behind the scenes consulting as well.

    Also, is that the Hulkbuster armor at the end?

  8. Man, i learned a long time ago to stop trying to judge a movie by the trailer. been fooled both ways too many times. trailer looks good, i’ll see it but i worry that its like the transformers, loved the first but action started over playing the story later on.

  9. Jon Favreau scored big with the first movie and it would be idiotic to call it a fluke or just the result of a good script and good performances. He’s definitely good with actors and he’s kinda good with action. However, he’s shown (Zathura, Made, Iron Man 2, Cowboys & Aliens) that he absolutely requires the right script and can’t be let loose. Sometimes everything gets too loud and cluttered, sometimes it’s too slow. There are plenty of better directors out there. He shouldn’t be missed in Iron Man 3, and if he is, that just means Black wasn’t the right man for the job, not that Favreau was irreplaceable.

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