Deadpool Responds to Deadpool Being Nominated for a Clio Award


The marketing that went into the movie Deadpool is in many ways considered to be just as funny and just as raunchy as the movie itself.   Thankfully the movie backed up everything as Ryan Reynolds delivered a very solid performance as the foul mouthed “realistic” superhero with incredible healing powers.   I personally think Deadpool was a revolutionary movie as many pundits never thought that the comic cook genre would survive a movie filled with gratuitous language, sexual innuendos, and a constant reminder of how horrific Deadpool’s face had been mangled.

But it turns out that the movie was not only a success but that it’s being revered for its brilliance in hyping itself up before the movie was released.  If you’ll recall a series of ads, videos, and messages were all on full blast prior to the movie’s release and Ryan Reynolds appeared in some hilarious video spots.

In response to getting a Clio award nomination Reynolds himself sticks to the Deadpool character by saying,  “I know right? Whose balls did I have to fondle to get nominated for my very own key art? I can’t tell you, but it rhymes with pull-verine.”  Deadpool was also very successful in raising awareness for testicular cancer.

And did you know this?  According to Uproxx, the movie broke eleven box office records, including highest grossing R-rated movie ever, biggest R-rated opening weekend, and biggest February opening weekend, all despite being banned in China and having a budget of around $58 million.

Watch Reynolds reaction to the Clio award nomination below:

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