Dave Rapoza Starts Work on the Actual Turtles

This is about my third Dave Rapoza post in as many weeks, but it was necessary to show that after rendering every sub character in the Ninja Turtles universe, he’s actually started work on the turtles themselves now. Granted they all sort of look the same with different color eye masks, but whatever, still cool to see.

Above we have Donatello, in case you couldn’t tell by the giant stick. After the jump there’s Leonardo, with only a glimpse of his famous swords. He looks none too pleased about whatever’s in front of them, and also reminds us that yes, these turtles have teeth, as opposed to real turtles. I suppose you can’t gum pizza though.

Check out Rapoza’s past work here and here, and stay tuned for Michelangelo and Raphael.

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