Dafoe’s Joker


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It’s pretty hard to imagine recasting the Joker at this point, so close to Heath Ledger’s immortal portrayal of the clown prince of crime. But we’ll have to do it eventually, and one fan thinks they know who might be a good pick.

Artist Jeff Stahl has worked some photoshop magic to give us this terrifying rendition of what Willem Dafoe might look like as the Joker. I love this interpretation, which really looks more similar to the comics than either Jack Nicholson or Ledger’s Joker. And honestly, with that voice, I could totally see him embodying this role. Plus, he already has comic villain experience as the Green Goblin in Spider-Man. Batman vs. Superman cast an older Batman, so maybe they need an older Joker as well. Perhaps this will give them a bit of inspiration.


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  1. WRT recasting Heath Ledger: I think they should have just gone ahead and done it for TDKR. Ledger strikes me as the kind of guy who would say “the show must go on,” and The Joker is like Batman or Bond in that he can survive multiple, even dramatically different interpretations. We’ve also already had at least two voice actors play the guy since then (though one was Mark Hamill and the other was aping Mark Hamill). Or… I think Red Hood also came out since then? Anyway, the point is that the character is even more immortal than any performance.

    It’s hard to imagine Dafoe not playing it just like the Green Goblin. Which would admittedly be entertaining.

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