Current Star Trek Stars Meet Their Original Inspiration


When attempting to cast the new Star Trek, JJ Abrams was tasked with finding actors who not only fit with the old ideas of the cast members personality-wise, but also physically to some capacity. Does this person look like Kirk? Look somewhat like they could be Spock?

Overwhelmingly, the answer was yes, and the I think the casting was pretty pitch perfect in the series when all is said and done. Now, someone did one of those creepy face mash-up things to see just how well they do in fact match up. Kirk, Spock, Bones and Khan all get the treatment, and you realize wow, you know they do sort of look alike. Granted the photoshop helps with that illusion, but you won’t convince me that Quinto doesn’t make a great Vulcan without it.

The odd man out is Khan, who literally had to change races from Ricardo Montalban to Benedict Cumberbatch, and the resulting combination is the weirdest of the bunch. Check out the others below via GiantFreakin’Robot.




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