Cool Pinup Art By Loopy Dave

I’m no artist that’s for sure.   Which is why I always love to feature works of people who can do things that I will never be able to.   But for stuff like this, pinup cartoons that are somewhat sexy, what do you think is in the mind of the artist?

Like, are they perverted or something?  I don’t know.   I mean granted the work is really cool and all, and it definitely gives me a jolt, but what do you think is up with the artist?  I think we need an interview from Loopy Dave.

In the meantime, check out these great works by Loopy Dave 

The Christmas Tree



The Betty Pageview Counter

Love Hurts

The Dog Walker

The Golfer

Cowgirl 2

Home Improvement

Viking Girl

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  1. I only liked the dog walker and home improvement ones. All the other pinups were too cartoony, and in many cases like Cowgirl, they look like those bratz dolls. I’m a guy and even I have to say these were made a bit too misogynisticly, and cutting back a tiny bit on the prepubescent hormones would have made for a much better gallery.

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