Controller Short Film is a Must Watch

I know I may be late in the game posting this, but I noticed it hasn’t been featured in Unreality yet so I decided to share this with you guys. I saw this when this first came out and I was impressed by this project. As a fan of techno dystopian films and stories, this was an absolute pleasure to watch. This has been described as a mix of TRON, Drive, and Hotline Miami. I haven’t played Hotline Miami, but I can definitely agree to it reflecting themes of the first two. I love the hue of blue as it makes you feel a tech oriented vibe. Soundtrack is definitely cool and the electro tunes fit the film well. If you like the music, check out Cinnamon Chasers on their website.

There’s a prequel for this short film and you can check it out here. Plot is basically about a girl who controls her boyfriend to rescue you. Some people may say that the plot doesn’t make sense, but I see it as more of an exposition of style so I just take it as it is.

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