Does Every Female Character In Disney Pixar Films Share The Same Face?










When you look close you notice that they definitely share a likeness, but do they really have the same face?

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      1. Yea, I do not get that. Many people are mentioning how it included other non-Pixar characters, but the title suggests both. Perhaps Disney/Pixar is the full name of Pixar?

    1. The end game is that female leads NEED to be pretty. Though not including Edna (The Incredibles) or the ciclop girl from Monsters Inc, kind of diminishes his observations.

      Still I can’t think of an ugly female lead in an animation movie like ever…. Well maybe in The Croods.

        1. Well ugly might not be the correct term, as much as rough around the edges, you could say. We very rarely see female leads that have some rough factions. Those features mainly come from the attitude than the physique.

      1. Besides pretty, they need to be feminine. A soft curve to the face is the fundamental idea here I suppose, but my point is, it seems as if the author created a non-issue just to create traffic.

          1. I’m comparing the 2 from frozen (the sisters) to Rapunzel, Disney’s other most recent Disney Princess.

          2. No. That was never implied. No Disney movie is directly connected to others (except for sequels and short cameos).

      2. That’s the problem. You can have pretty female leads without sticking to the exact same type of facial structures. There can be some more diversity. I think the lack of diversity is just kind of lazy.
        To be fair, I dont think the pixar women have this problem nearly as much as Disneys past few cgi princess.

  1. It has to do with the modern era’s version of beauty in animation and what makes a woman appealing. Men they can be wonky with, to show different jaw types, etc. The audience has to be able to like the female and that means giving her a feminine jawline, which means it can’t be as rigid as the males, or as broad, so unless you’re going for an old hag or something that’s not the typical pretty princess role-model, you’re stuck with the same kind of features. This is coming from an animation student.

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