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  1. Conan sure knows how to go out in style & with class, fantastic exit and perfect song.

    Dateline was on at 10 instead of Leno, are Fridays always dateline or did they avoid putting jay on the air tonight?

  2. That was fantastic. As soon as I saw the name of the video and remembered that Will Ferrell was on there last night, I knew it was the return of the cowbell. Absolutely great way for Conan to go out.

    And he gained a lot more respect from me for his remarks about NBC. As much as we all love hating NBC (and Fox) lately, he’s right; they did give him a lot of time on TV and gave us a lot of Coco. It may not have ended in a good way, but it sure went well enough for the last… however many years.

  3. I cried, his voice broke a little bit at the end there and I lost it and I’m not much of a crier.

    The cowbell of course was awesome and just because I love Steve Carell I liked the exit interview too.

    I know he can’t host a tv show until September but I’m hoping maybe he’ll do the circuit to talk about what happened. I’m sure Letterman would have him on or even Kimmell…I hope when he does come back Andy comes back with him and Max and the band.

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