Completely Random and Awesome Odds of Various Things

Have you ever been in the middle of doing some kind of activity and seen something completely out of the blue?   And when you see that something think to yourself, “what are the odds of that happening?”  I’m sure that most of you know exactly what I’m talking about.   Well wouldn’t it be nice if you knew those odds right then and there?

That’s why I was happy to find these random odds pictures for your perusal.   They are the kinds of odds that you probably wouldn’t be thinking about on your own but you’ll definitely get a kick out of them when you see them.

Check out these random odds after the jump….


Credit to Izismile via The Chive

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    1. Steve,

      With all due respect, the Chive got from somewhere else, probably Izismile, and I’m not sure where they got from but I credited The Chive.

  1. Apparently, you’re more likely to get struck by lightning than to date a supermodel. That one guy that holds the world record for surviving the most lightning strikes must be disappointed as hell.

  2. Natty: That was classy of you; wasn’t trying to single you out–there’ve just been a glut of retreads here lately, with articles from Cracked and other sources “inspiring” posts here without so much as a mention and not nearly enough difference between the two to be a coincidence (the 10 creepiest sex scenes in comics, and it’s 80% the same? Nothing else made the cut, really?), and it’s become a pet peeve for a long time fan of the site.

  3. Maybe I’m missing something here but I’m pretty sure that thes statistics are total BS. Take for instance the 1 in 10,000,000 odds of becoming president of the United States. considering that there are approximately 300,000,000 people living in the US, that would mean that 300 of them are going to be President of the United States. I’m pretty sure that isn’t right…right?

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