Check Out “Great Martian War,” a Video About Exactly What You Would Think It’s About

And now, as part two of Historical Mecha-Fiction Tuesday, I bring you “Great martian war.”

Most of you are probably familiar with H.G. Wells’ War of the Worlds. If not, please excuse yourself to the nearest bookstore for a few hours and wallow in shame/visionary sci-fi. Anyway, this video is about the closest thing to a period-accurate War of the Worlds we’ll ever get. It’s still off by twenty years, but whatever.

Whoever put this thing together is pretty slick. It’s genuinely difficult to tell how much of this is modified archival footage and how much has been shot recently. Maybe all of it is one or the other. I have no idea.

NOTE: If you have any sort of respect for film music, you’ll mute the off-tone stuff they put over this piece and play something more appropriate. My suggestion is below.

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  1. These alien things are excellent! Love how creepy they walk around.

    The music choice was absurd though … why would they do that? I am totally with you on the selection you proposed.

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