10 of the Best Kids Shows/Rated-R Movie Mash-Ups


One of the most popular posts we’ve ever had here at Unreality – and rightfully so – was 12 of the Best Kids Show Rap Mash-Ups.  Undeniably, there’s something funny about watching children and/or puppets acting like boorish adults, cursing and demeaning women.  Well, it’s not just rap videos that kids shows with which kids shows have been mashed; some creative people with great senses of humor have mashed-up kids shows with adult movies. 

No, not pornos – this isn’t that type of site – but movies with adult themes.  Rated-R movies, I guess.  Either way, it’s pretty hilarious.  Check out 10 of the best ones below.  Obviously, some clips are NSFW.  Like, very NSFW.

Bert & Ernie in Casino

Joe Pesci’s voice always gets me.

Bedrock History X

This one is pretty racy, saved by the humor of Fred and Barney walking away at the end.

Goodfellas Peanuts: Funny, How?

Easily the best one – the synchronization is incredible.

Goodfellas at Moe’s


Get your shinebox!

Reservoir Dogs Take Manhattan

I think I would have preferred the opening “Like a Virgin” monologue, but this is pretty damn good.

Fear and Loathing in Eternia

Like Masters of the Universe wasn’t trippy already.

The Big He-bowski

More impressive synchronization.

Full Metal Prime

This one actually gets funnier on repeated viewings.  I didn’t know Optimus had it in him.

Charlie Brown and Linus in Clerks


Two friends have a disgusting conversation.

Kermit is Scarface (parts I and II)


How am I gonna get a scar from…

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