Bryan Cranston Pulls a Pretty Nice Prank on UK Pop Star Mollie King

We love to hear many things that sound so sweet to us or flatter us. One that tops that list is our name; if someone mentions your name, you will immediately want to know what he or she have to say because it tells you they need your attention, which makes you feel special.

If they go on to tell you, they are a fan of your work or products, you are obviously going to feel awesome that they do. Moreover, if they happen to be famous, that makes it even more thrilling. That was supposed to be the case for Mollie King. She is a member of the UK’s The Saturdays Pop Band, and she had just met Bryan Cranston who is the lead actor in the famous TV series, Breaking Bad. They prank happened at Matt Edmondson Show on BBC Radio 1.

Listening to him talking about how came to do a movie in the UK a few years ago, and his kids fell in love with The Saturday’s songs. Her response was that it was the best thing that she had heard in years, and you can see from her body language that indeed she feels amazing Bryant is a fun of their music. That is when Matt injects and says that Mollie hasn’t seen Breaking Bad. Not to let down her newly found fan, after he responded to that comment an “of course she has,” Mollie, responds tells him she has seen Malcolm in the Middle.

The pranks continues when Matt told Mollie that Bryan was a fan of their band and that he even knows some of their popular songs. Matt suggested to Mollie that if Bryan heard a line from one of their popular songs, he would be able to sing the next few lines. Of course, Bryan has never heard of them, but being the greater actor that he is, he was going to convince her that he is great fan of the band.

With a few hints he receiving through the headphones that only Matt knows about, he makes Mollie believe that he is truly her fan, even though she is not a great fan of his. Then Matt reveals what is going on. Check the prank and her reaction in the video above.

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