Come On, He’s Not THAT Bad: 5 Enjoyable Brendan Fraser Movies


If you asked a random group of people who enjoy watching movies who the worst actor in Hollywood is, I’d bet that at least a few of them would mention Brendan Fraser.  If you asked that same group of people which prominent actor they thought made the worst movies, I’d bet that even more of them would have that same response.  But still, despite Furry Vengeance and Inkheart and Monkeybone and Dudley Do-Right and his unbelievably spastic laughing, he’s not that bad an actor, and his film resume isn’t that bad, either.  Below, check out five Brendan Fraser movies that are actually pretty enjoyable.



Airheads is a pretty solid comedy.  While it’s admittedly not carried by Fraser (Sandler and Buscemi are no slouches), it’s pretty rewatchable, which is one of the defining characteristics of a good comedy.  Throwing in Michael McKean, a pre-racist outburst Michael Richards, Stuttering John from Howard Stern fame, a Mike Judge voice cameo, and Chris Farley helps a ton, too, but Fraser is undoubtedly the star and does a pretty good job of grounding this tale of wannabe rockers holding a radio station hostage with water guns.

School Ties


Like Airheads, School Ties has a pretty good cast, and Fraser shows that he can hold his own along the likes of Matt Damon and…well, it’s not like Ben Affleck is a great actor, but still.  Fraser plays David Greene, a Jewish student recruited to play quarterback for a Christian prep school back when antisemitism was much more prevalent in upper class society.  Greene dominates all aspects of the school, including academics, football, and even the social scene, eventually stealing away the prior alpha male’s girlfriend.  Naturally, once it’s discovered that Greene is Jewish, everyone either gives him the cold shoulder or tries to sabotage his future, but Greene manages to persevere through all of it.  I’ve always liked this movie a lot and I think it’s easily one of Fraser’s best performances.  I know that might not be saying much, so I’ll put it like this: he’s very good in this movie.



I really should have included this movie on my Guilty Pleasures list.  Parading Elizabeth Hurley around in all sorts of sexy/slutty outfits is more than enough reason to watch this movie, but Fraser is actually pretty funny in Bedazzled.  He hams it up the entire movie, whether he’s playing a gay gay with a huge schlong, a hypersensitive environmentalist, or a poorly-endowed basketball player who always gives 110%.  It’s a silly movie, but I think it’s pretty funny – and again, Liz Hurley definitely doesn’t hurt.

The Mummy


I can’t speak for the sequels, but the original Mummy movie is a fun adventure movie that never takes itself too seriously.  In fact, I’d say that The Mummy is pretty self-aware; a good example of this is when after someone says something dramatic, thunder can be heard, to which Rick O’Connell (Fraser) responds, “That happens a lot around here, doesn’t it?”  It’s not a masterpiece, but The Mummy is pretty entertaining, which is all it really tries to be.

Gods and Monsters


It’s not a hard-line rule by any means, but I think it’s generally a pretty good indication that when a movie is nominated for multiple Academy Award, that movie is pretty good.  Awards or not, Gods and Monsters is a very solid film, and the fact that Fraser can hang with the great Sir Ian McKellen on screen speaks measures about his potential.  Yeah, the guy can actually act when he’s not, you know, talking to Bugs Bunny or CGI’d forest creatures.

So, are there any Brendan Fraser movies that you guys will admit to enjoying?

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  1. Wow, I’ve never seen Brendan in any of these ‘Enjoyable’ films and I never thought he was that bad of an actor. I must be really retarded.
    That picture does make me want to perform a ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre; The Beginning’ on his face though.

  2. I gotta put my bid in for Blast From the Past. Brendan Fraser is likable/charming enough in it but this movie had WALKEN and Dave Foley doing what they do best (everything). Worth rewatching and never not-enjoyable.

  3. Airheads is a greatly underated comedy in my opinion, Sandler and Buscemi are great, but then you got the side story with Chris Farely, the epic douchebaggery of Judd Nelson and Michael McKean combined and of course the entire crowd interaction:

    “I used to masturbate….constantly!”

  4. If you ever get a chance to see the bonus ‘easter egg’ wish sequence from Bedazzled I highly recommend it. He wishes to become a rock star. One of the funniest scenes never to make a movie.

  5. I’ll admit Blast from the Past as one of my guilty pleasures. Walken is great. It also contained pre-cherub Alicia Silverstone as a bonus.

  6. Encino Man anyone? Though again, like Airheads, the weight isn’t all on Fraser’s shoulders. Say what you will about Pauly Shore, but that movie launched him.

    And comedy has been on life support ever since.

  7. I know it’s not a movie, but Fraser was very funny in some Scrubs episodes as Jordan’s brother. And the last episode that he appears is very dramatic, one of the most touching moments of Scrubs.

  8. He was pretty damn awesome in Encino Man as everyone has already pointed out. And I agree with Airheads. Such an udnerrated and little known comedy. It’s ridiculous, but it’s awesome at the same time.

    And because Steve mentioned him, we really need a Pauly Shore post. He may be hated, but how can you not love freaking BioDome?

  9. @brian
    I like blast from the past too.

    I also like crash as well. I’m sure I’m in the minority there but i think its a really good movie. granted brendan fraser is only in like 3 scenes he its good nonetheless. I know it’s not a movie but he was damn good in his scrubs guest appearances.

  10. Ok, I have to say it. Monkey Bone. Way over the top and great for those “I can’t believe they went there” moments. But Brigette Fonda, Chris Kattan, and even a cameo from Stephen King round out the cast.

  11. I like him as an actor. He has a wide range when it comes to movies. Regarding his bad movies, I never would have watched them anyway, they just look like horrible movie ideas. But as far as his good movies, I think he makes them more enjoyable. He can play cool guy or awkward guy without losing his comical flare. He showed significant depth in his earlier roles, but that’s not where the money is today (then again he won’t find the money in Monkeybone either).

    Say what you want, but I like the guy.

  12. Blast From the Past is actually pretty decent, sure. I can’t stand Crash, but I understand why people really like that movie. Encino Man was funny when I saw it, so yeah, there’s another enjoyable one.

    What I’m trying to say is that I like Brendan Fraser.

  13. @RL
    I was just about to storm in here and mention The Quiet American. I get the feeling that you and I are the only people who have seen it. I’ve never heard anyone ever mention this film, yet I believe it shows that Fraser is actually a competent dramatic actor. He just hasn’t really been in enough films that showcase that ability. And look at what @André said, his performances in Scrubs were actually pretty subdued. He gets a bad rap, and it’s pretty much his fault for allowing himself to be put in a series of terrible films over his career, but hey, everyone’s got to make that dollar. Hopefully he doesn’t completely self destruct before he gets another chance to use his talent.

  14. Anyone seen The Air I breathe, he was really good in that one. I actually thing that he’s a really unappreciated actor, but he really should stop making those crappy family comedies. And yes The Mummy was AWESOME!

  15. I love Brendan Fraser – I know I shouldn’t but I do. I loved him in George of the Jungle, Dudley Do-Right, Encino Man, Blast From the Past and all the movies listed above. He has a great smile and has a great on-screen charm – He was also fantastic in Scrubs! He’s one of my top Guilty Pleasures, thanks for giving him a nod 🙂

  16. I did enjoy Blast from the Past as well as Crash. On a side note though that is easily the most douchebag looking picture I’ve ever seen of Brendan Fraser.

  17. Blast From the Past is the perfect example of how one bad casting choice can turn a great movie into a mediocre one. Silverstone stinks up the joint like a hobo fart in an elevator.

  18. He was pretty awesome in The Silent American. It takes b*lls to be in a movie with Michael Cane and pull it off perfectly well when you have starred in George of the Jungle.

  19. I actually like Inkheart to be honest. But too each their own. I loved The Mummy movies enough to watch the last one even though it didn’t have Rachel Weiz.

  20. I didn’t even know Brendan Fraser was Nic Cage level hated on until today. I actually enjoy his acting, he’s pretty charismatic and unique, although he definitely has done some bad movies.

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