The 5 Best Nintendo Switch Battery Cases for 2019

The new Nintendo Switch is a big hit in the gaming community but most would agree that it’s nice to have an extra ten hours of game play with extended battery life. The internal battery that is included in the Switch will give you approximately three hours of un-docked play, depending on what you’re playing with its 4,310 mAh battery. When you go with the battery cases that offer 10,000 mAh you increase the play time dramatically. That is precisely what a new battery case for the Nintendo Switch can gain you. We’ve taken a look at the different models that are available on the market today to find the very best buying options. We narrowed our list down to the top five for your consideration.

1. The Switch Charge Battery Case

The Switch Charge Battery case for Nintendo Switch is simply called the S-charge it’s the best premium case that you can find on the market today. This accessory was first introduced as a new invention on Indiegogo in 2017. It’s been made available for sale through Amazon and other retailers so anyone can obtain one for a reasonable price of just $85. Although it’s the most expensive it offers a massive 10,000mAh battery capacity. It’s a well designed battery case that has received rave reviews from users. It’s packed with useful features such as a charging stand and a kickstand that is adjustable a traditional USB port, two game card slots and it can be used to fulfill two purposes including charging a smart phone.

2. Anker PowerCore Nintendo Switch Edition

This is one of the best power banks that has ever been made. This model is the first within the brand to be approved for charging the Nintendo Switch. It allows you to charge the Switch console and to use the gaming system at the same time. The charger is officially licensed and it will give you approximately ten more hours of gaming time. You can use it as a dual purpose charger for giving your phone a fast charge while you’re at it.

3. Nyko Power Pak

The Nyko Power Pak is one of the best lightweight and slim Nintendo Switch battery packs on the market today. It’s ideal for taking with you on a road trip on on an airplane. It features a two part case in a mid size range with a 5,000mAh battery pack that doubles the life of your Switch for extended play. It also comes with a USB-C cable for charging the Power Pak. The set of four indicator lights tell you where you’re at with the charge level.

4. ZeroLemon Extended Charging Case

This charging case gives you a 10,000mAh battery pack for the Nintendo Switch that will give you an additional ten hours of gaming time. It comes with a kickstand, a USB-C port, a card slot and space for three game cartridges and a micro USB port. The stand is a little more bulky than most other battery cases but this is because of the large battery size and it does give you more play time which helps to make up for the larger size. The ZeroLemon Extended Charging case has received high reviews from users who give it a thumbs up recommendation.

5. Mthinkor Backup Power Bank for Switch

The Mthinkor power bank is a snap on power bank that is one of the most portable in our collection of recommendations. It offers a massive capacity of 10,000mAh to give you plenty of juice that will double or better your gaming time on the Nintendo Switch. Another benefit of this pack is that it’s big on output but it’s very portable. It doesn’t show up that much when you attach it to your Switch. It isn’t the most lightweight battery pack for the Switch but it has a dual capacity that allows you to use it for a standard power bank as well as one for the Switch. This makes it versatile and it delivers between eight and 12 additional hours of battery life. You can also charge a tablet or smart phone through the USB Type A port that is built into the unit.

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