The 5 Best Nintendo Switch Accessories for 2019

The new Nintendo Switch is arguably one of the best consoles to come out yet. It’s a hybrid type that has caught on with Nintendo fans and the exciting games that go along with it are starting to stack up. More are coming out all the time. The console is ideal for pack and carry when you want to take it along with you on a trip. There is a big variety of accessories that make it even more pleasurable to play. Accessories can enhance the quality of your game play and even make it possible to sponsor gaming events in your own home. This makes it more convenient so you don’t have to pack up and go. Here are the top five most highly recommended items that you really need to know about to make your Nintendo Switch experience the best that it can possibly be.

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

The Switch Pro Controller is a necessary item to have on hand. This model is fashioned after the traditional styling. It’s ideal for docked Switch games. It’s essential to have one on hand and two is better but if you’re playing the latest edition of Mario Kart 8 then you’ll want to have eight of them so everyone can play the new maxed out player version. This is an accessory that you’ll really appreciate.

Cubevit Nintendo Switch Stand

This third party stand is an accessory that some gamers won’t have a use for but it’s a necessity for those who may be tempted to prop their new Switch up against something that’s not very stable. The stand allows you to securely place your Switch at the ideal angle when you want to get into some undocked game play. It’s guaranteed to hold your Switch safely thanks to its anti-slip features including prongs, rubber pads and other design features.

Mumba Nintendo Switch Case

The new Nintendo Switch is a nice portable size that makes it sweet to take with you when you’re on the go, but it’s important to have a great case to protect it from damage. The Mumba Nintendo Switch case is one of the best purchases you can make. It will keep your Switch safe as you travel from one place to another and it will lessen the chances of sustaining any damage if there is an accidental drop. It’s made of shock resistant materials so it’s a good idea to have one of these on hand.

The Antank Portable Switch Battery case

When you’re planning to put in hours of game play, don’t get frustrated by running out of power. The Antank Portable Switch Battery case provides you with the extra charging power that you’ll need to give your play time a boost of more than twice its normal life. It isn’t that heavy to carry and it complements the case and your compact and portable Nintendo Switch perfectly. You won’t want to go anywhere without this useful accessory.

Nintendo Switch Official Dock

There are countless situations that would require you to have a second TV. You’ve probably already been in this situation. The best solution is to have a Nintendo Switch official dock. This is a first party dock that works with a flawless execution and it comes with a USB C wall adapter, the dock and an HDMI cable included. The only downside to this product is that it’s tough for the dealers to keep it in stock. This is a good indication that Nintendo Switch owners are loving it and buying them up as fast as they put them on the shelves. Endeavor to persevere and one shall be yours.

Final thoughts

These are just five of the dozens of new accessories that are out for the new Nintendo Switch. They’ve made the new hybrid console with plenty of options available to enhance your game play for some of the best gaming experiences of your life. On top of this, you’re going to want to keep checking back frequently because there are a lot of great games and accessories out right now, but there are more that are scheduled to come out. They’ve on the new Nintendo Switch in grand style.

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