Benedict Cumberbatch Has Some Pretty Sweet Magic Skills

If Benedict Cumberbatch isn’t one of your favorite actors, neigh, people in the world, then shame on you.  Seriously.  Is there anything this guy can’t do?  I’m trying to think and the answer is no.  But among my favorites about the talented Englishman would have to be his voice, his incredible imitation skills, his acting ability, and now his….magic?  Who even know that in this guys limited spare time he was learning how to do trickery with water, and for a good cause no less?

The actor-cum-magician did some pretty nifty trickery with a bottle of water for Vanity Fair, all while casually delivering a message about the importance of water to our world. “We need to really take care that we don’t waste our resources,” he says in the video. “Water is first and foremost among those resources on our planet.”

I officially have a man crush on this guy and am pretty sure if he were whispering in my ear with his “Cumbery” voice I would get goose bumps on my neck.  On and this is a pretty neat trick too.

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