That Guy Actor of the Week: Ben Gazzara

Most of you probably remember Ben Gazzara from the movie The Big Lebowski.   And that’s definitely a great place to start.   Me?  I happen to have liked him in two movies in particular.  The first is Roadhouse.   He’s the sadistic crime boss of a crappy little town.   His name?  Brad Wesley.  I just love it when Swayze yells “Wesley!”

The other movie I loved Gazzara in is Happiness.   That’s just a messed up movie and I’ve mentioned it before.   Please for the love of God see that movie just to say you’ve seen it.

Gazzara is no spring chicken either.  Dude’s been around Hollywood since 1952.   He’s got 132 credits to his name and is now in his 80s.   I’m a huge fan of this guy and you should be too.

A clip of Gazzara as Wesley 

Listen to the music.

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