Behold, the Sega Tower of Power


So many people, myself included, have been known to rip Nintendo mercilessly for their constant use of expensive add-ons to their systems like nunchucks and balance boards and splitting every Pokemon game in half, but this picture reminded me that ain’t nothin’ compared to the good old days of Genesis, as seen by this mammoth monstrosity above.

I can’t quite name everything I see in this picture, so if someone wants us to give a piece by piece rundown feel free. The worst part about all this? If the game won’t play, you have to spend the next half an hour blowing on everything and anything in order to find the right piece of dust to dislodge.

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  1. It’s all pretty nonfunctional.
    You’ve got a Sega 32X plugged into the base console (as it should be) but then the Master System adapter plugged into that (which may or may not be a functional combination), then a cleaning cartredge plugged into the master system adapter (which is just a piece of plastic with scrubby bits on the ends), so that completely breaks any functionality it may have had. Then a Game Geneie, two copies of Sonic and Knuckles (no reason) and then Sonic 3. Also, a Sega CD to the side.

    About the biggest functional stack you could have would be Console + Sega CD + 32x, +Game Genie + Sonic & Knuckles, + another cart.

    Or maybe if the 32x supports the master system adapter you could have Console + CD + 32x + Master System Adapter + Master System cart. (I don’t think there was a master system game genie)

    What’s fuun is you could plug all that shit into a Nomad as well, which was a HANDHELD

  2. holy sweet jesus i thought i was the only kid who ever owned a 32x.

    i used to hate those stupid metal prongs that would never go in right. i bent mine to hell and threw them out.

    damn you virtua racing! why can’t you fit in this slot!?

  3. ahahahaha, go to and look through the Angry Video Game Nerd Videos, he has a few different ones dedicated to the Genesis’s add ons.

  4. I’ve been attempting to build my Great Tower of Sega, the construct Sega built with which they planned to touch the face of God, which was eventually dashed to the ground, leaving Sega’s many employees to eventually spread across the earth, each speaking a different language as they programmed Sonic ports to different consoles.

    The plan is a Gen. 1 Sega CD, Gen. 1 Genesis, Power Base Converter, 32X, X-Band, Game Genie, Sonic & Knuckles, and Sega Channel. Currently, I’m only missing the Sonic & Knuckles and the Sega Channel, so if anyone wants to share theirs, let me know!

  5. maybe the point of this kids pic was just to display all the shit he has, idk if anyone who bought all that is dumb enough to think it would work like that, so i say my theory makes sense

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