Archery Tag: Paintball With Marshmallows


Between the Hunger Games, Hawkeyes, Brave and a host of others, archery is the new black, and that’s how “Archery Tag” was born. It’s meant to be paintball with bows and arrows, but honestly it seems a bit more like laser tag, given the amount you actually feel getting hit.

Perhaps I’m mistaken as I haven’t tried it, but arrows tipped with what appear to be marshmallows don’t seem like they would hurt all that much, and similarly, it seems to be quite a bit harder to fire a mean arrow than to pull the trigger on a paintball gun. At least make them Green Arrow arrows and tip them with boxing gloves or something. What? That doesn’t work in real life?

Check out a video of Archery Tag in action below. All jokes aside, it does look pretty fun.

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