Applications are Closed!

mass effect team

(pictured: how big the Unreality team is going to get at some point)

I just wanted to make an official announcement post to say that applications for the open writer position are now closed. There was a WAY larger response than I thought there would be, so it’s going to take some time to sort through them all. I promise I’m reading every single one.

The bad news is that not everyone will get a spot because I can’t really add 50 writers to the roster. The good news is that I am going to open up more than one slot, and maybe bring on two or three new writers instead.

If you’re not picked, don’t be sad. If you pitched yourself well, you’re going in my “later” file. Our writers lead busy lives and have to come and go sometimes. When that happens I always turn to old applicants I liked but couldn’t fit in at the time. So if you don’t land a spot now, you could theoretically hear from me weeks or months from now if a position opens up.

Anyway, thanks to everyone for applying, and I’m truly blown away by your talent and love for the site. Really made my week.

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