Angelina Jolie’s Miraculous Twin


They say that everyone has a twin, and if you’re the .0001% of the population to have yours be a celebrity, that’s good news. Unless that celebrity is Rosanne Arnold.

But to have it be someone like say…Angelina Jolie? It’s quite literally a one in a billion chance. This video shows the remarkable similarity between a young woman and Miss Jolie. The resemblance really is uncanny, particularly when she turns to the side, I couldn’t even tell them apart.

Now, cast her in a movie opposite Jolie so they can make out please.

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  1. She looks the same but yet different….but yet the same. IMO there is something that is hotter with this girl. For some reason I really don’t see the appeal in Angelina Jolie, oh well I know that I’m in the minority.

  2. @jaromir the reason is based off of what the late great Patrice O’Neil said about the female anatomy being most appealing between ages 18-29. This is a young and extremely hot Angelina Jolie so her appealing looks, age and lets not forget accent make her attractiveness two fold.

    That said, they look alike but methinks Paul is pushing it a bit with the whole Keanu Reeves like “Woah, I can’t even tell them apart!”

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