An Overload of Nostalgic 90s PC Game Screenshots

Ah, talk about bringing back memories.  Remember when first-person shooter games were controlled by your up, down, left, and right keys?  And you had to press the spacebar to fire or whatever the hell configuration you decided to use?

Remember when graphics showed more pixels than when crappy TVs first started showing digital cable?  And yet remember how fun PC gaming was in the 90s?  That is for all of you old enough to remember.

I sure as hell do.  I’ve got two words for you:  Sim City.   In any event, below I’ve got a gallery of an overload of screenshots from some memorable games from the 90s.  We didn’t list all the game names because there are so many pics.

Enjoy the gallery after the jump….

Like I said, Sim City.

More Nostalgic shots below

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  1. Commander Keen 4 still gets played. I love that the sound comes from my PC not my speakers. =] For those of you who desire it or were too young to have played such a classic, let me know, I’ll make it available for you to download.

  2. Prince of Persia is actually an 80s game. Sure it was the 3rd last month of the 80s but still, 80s game.

    Also, I feel this is lacking in StarCraft, Doom, Quake, Duke Nukem and Myst unless I just missed those…

  3. 90’s PC games. That’s the golden age. Everything nowadays looks so similar to each other. I like the different approaches to art-style in the games back then. Less is more sometimes, and I remember having a blast with some of these games. It’s amazing how much your own imagination played a hand in making these games fun. Like visualizing a book as you read, or really getting into your G.I. Joes for 2 hours. That’s something we’ve lost with new games and stellar graphics. My nephew doesn’t need to visualize anything playing a game like Call of Duty (which I’m highly against at his age). Hell he doesn’t even need to play with G.I. Joes when he can play a game like Just Cause 2 which is essentially a virtual G.I. Joe playset far more elaborate then any 8 year old could even imagine. Less is more sometimes, I miss that.

  4. @Jackson Briggs
    Video games used to have a playtime of like 2 hours, the rest of the day was dedicated to GI Joes, Ghostbusters and transformers toys. Can you beat waking up Saturday morning, watching Thundercats and GI Joe with a bowl Lucky Charms, playing Mario 3 for a bit and then waging an epic war between Cobra and the Joes? Now it’s calling other kids racial slurs for 6 hours on COD….

    Plus I am still distraught over when they changed the spring on the GI Joe missile launchers to only shoot 3ft cause some dumb kid shot himself in the eye. I remember taking down Zartan from clear across the room with Roadblock’s Missile. Life was so much better when knowing was half the battle…

  5. @Piratey
    You just described my Saturday routine as a kid. Those were the days. I had no idea that’s the reason G.I. Joe missile launchers became so lame. Makes sense tho, everyone was into changing children’s toys for the safer in the 90’s. How lame, right? Play at your own damn risk, that’s just how it is. Learn some damn sense from your parents and you might not get choked by a Speak N Spell.

    Bonus – Does anyone remember Fun Fountain? Its a little older than the 90’s, but damn what a fun toy.

  6. Ya know, I cannot help but feel we lost something along the way… call it satisfaction, innovation or just plain ole FUN. The 90’s was THE time to be a gamer. The games were great… easy to get into impossible to put down.FUN. They had longevity.

    Yes, I am old and yes this is my nostalgia. Gamers Rule!!!

  7. Holy crap. I loved crusader games. They were some of the best dos games known to man. Between that and wing commander games, holy crap. Makes me want to hunt down 233 mhz pentium 2, with mmx, and throw a whole 32 megs of ram in it, with a diamond stealth 16 meg video card. Then install a fresh copy of windows 95 on a 500 meg hard drive. Thats how we did it back in the day. And then make custom dos boot disks for each game. Yeah.

  8. Great collection- Diablo 2 was released in 2000 though. I haven’t played all of these games, but more than I’d care to admit. Still, some of the ones I haven’t played look strangely compelling. I guess I’m still a sucker for good 2d graphics.

  9. Plllllllleeeeeease tell me that someone knows the name of #7? I played that for months back in the day, and I’ve never been able to remember the name!

  10. Please tell me the name of the game 54, i am going crazy!! I need to know, otherwise my life will be ruined forever with this curse of not knowing what is the name of the game 54!! HELP!


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