An Arrested Development Lego Set is Anything But a Huge Mistake

I haven’t played with LEGOs in close to a decade now, but that doesn’t mean I don’t recognize a good set when I see one. This Arrested Development LEGO set is currently up for votes over at LEGO CUUSOO. I have no idea what that stands for.

What happens is that fan made sets posted to the site get voted on, and if something reaches 10K, it gets seriously considered by the LEGO people. With only 900 or so votes at the time I’m writing this, I think LEGO Arrested needs our help. Go to the site and cast your ballot. Or have we all just lost our fan spirit now that we’ve won the war and the show is coming back along with a movie?

Check out a full  gallery of the set below. The stair car alone is something I would buy for my desk. 

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  1. They’re going to say no even if it reaches the recommended level of votes, they’ll use the same excuse they did with Firefly, Shaun of the Dead and the rest, the content is not suitable for their “5-12” age recommendation or whatever it is.

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