An Animated Version of an Inspiring Speech by Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking was readily considered to be one of the most brilliant minds that has ever existed. In this video, you have the opportunity to hear his views on things like world peace, global warming, combating disease and feeding an ever-growing population. More importantly, he makes it a point to emphasize a couple of important things that everyone can learn from. All of this is animated in a way that really drives the point home because it gives you a visual sense of everything he is saying.

The first thing that he wants to get across in this video is that every person is capable of contributing something, no matter what their situation or how difficult their hurdles might seem. It’s important to make those contributions right now, in the moment, as opposed to waiting for better times ahead or until it seems easier. Hawking makes it clear that as human beings, we are only given a finite amount of time on this earth in order to make our contributions, so it’s important that we don’t waste valuable time.

The next point that he makes is even more important. He talks about how we should start coming together as a human race as opposed to pointing out each other’s differences. In other words, Hawking is encouraging people to find a way to work together in all things for the improvement of human beings all over the world. It isn’t about one nation being better than another or one group of people feeling as though they are superior to someone else. Instead, it’s about every person treating others with respect and doing what’s right in order to ensure that everyone has the chance to live a happy life and realize their own potential to the fullest.

When you watch this video, Hawking makes the whole thing seem so simple. Hopefully, a lot of people will watch it and then start paying attention to what he’s saying. It’s the same thing that a lot of important leaders have said for many years, yet things continue on with little or no change. The truth is, if society doesn’t take a leadership role in creating these positive changes, there may come a day in the not-too-distant future when there isn’t anything left to save. Hopefully, people will realize that possibility and start working together in order to create a better outcome.

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