Woman with Awesome Musical Setup Plays Movie Themes


You may remember Paul’s post on “the Most Perfect Rendition of Star Wars” about a week ago.  And I have to take a quote that Paul mentioned that falls right in line with this article.

Because it’s a magic instrument that lets the player replicate almost every piece of orchestra equipment that was used in the original theme, making this a nearly perfect rendition of the theme

The bottom line here is that most people don’t take the time to setup their “studios” or musical areas in such a way that every song they play can be for lack of a better word, “perfect.

But alas, this woman does not mess around and I decided to share another 5 videos of her playing incredibly orchestrated movie themes

Back to the Future

Is it me or does the whole dinosaur costume make this even better?


I almost get chills hearing this one.

Indiana Jones (Raiders)

It’s hard not to smile when listening to this.

Jurassic Park

Listen to all the nature sounds.  This is excellent.

Pirates of the Caribbean

I never even saw this movie and I know this is good.

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