Amazing Comic Book Graffiti in the Streets of Belgium

I’m not a huge comic book reader but if I do engage I prefer more of the superhero type stuff.   I just like the drawings and stories a bit more in those.   Plus there’s this “unreal” element to them.  Like it’s nice to get lost in a world where you’re reading about someone who can life an entire car.   I don’t know.  Makes me feel like a kid.

But for those that don’t know comics, there are all kinds.   I mean we’re talking all kinds.   And it’s not often that they’re made available to the masses let alone on the walls of buildings.   In some parts of Belgium this is exactly the case.  We don’t know all the comics in these photos so perhaps you can help us out!

Check out the Belgian graffiti comic fest after the jump…

Check out the rest below

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  1. Europeans are big on comic books and don’t attach the stigma of “childishness” to them like Americans tend to do… also they are overwhelmingly non-superhero based.

  2. #1 is Boule et Bill
    #2 is Le Scorpion
    #3 is Yakari
    #5 it a franquin-ish marsupilami
    #6 is Quick et Flupke
    #8 is Yoko Tsuno, my 8-years-old crush 😉
    #11, the belgian King, tintin !

    don’t know about the others (remember them, not the names…)

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