Alright, The Hobbit Has Officially Sold Me


Yes, yes, I’ve been looking forward to The Hobbit all year like the rest of you, but I’ve never been quite sold on it the way I was unreasonably excited for each new Lord of the Rings installment.

But this new trailer has convinced me that you really don’t need two giant armies clashing in each movie to create a good film. Rather, the characters are where these films truly shine, and I think The Hobbit will be a convincing tale full of worthy heroes. As for making it another trilogy? I’m not sure how that will play out, but I’m willing to give it a try.

What do you think about this new trailer?

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  1. Have you not read The Hobbit? It’ll make an amazing movie. The only thing I’m concerned about is this need to make a new trilogy. The Hobbit is a shorter and simpler tale than any of the LOTR volumes so it should be doable in on epic length or two standard length films. I feel like if they try to create full films’ length of new Middle Earth material, they could end up pissing me and the other Tolkien fans off. Still, I’m reserving judgement on that until I see it. And yeah, this new trailer will assuredly fill more seats than the first one. Personally, I was sold on this inevitable film since I saw Fellowship of the Ring.

  2. I refuse to watch the trailer and I will refuse to see the first movie. I will wait until the entire movie is out. I am unbelievably mad at them for turning the shortest book of Tolkien’s into the longest movie. The Hobbit is about half the length of Fellowship of the Ring, which is the shortest LOTR book, but it has two movies? I do not want to see a movie of Bilbo going from the Shire to Mirkwood. How pissed are all of you going to be when the movie just ends at Beorn’s house or somewhere around there? I, for one, will be livid.

  3. OK, so I missed the trilogy part of the discussion. The last I had heard, it was only two movies. As you can imagine, I am even more pissed off about a trilogy. Now the movies will end at really stupid times. Stupid Peter Jackson, I hate him.

  4. This is the only trailer I’ve watched and it made the film seem a little…cheap and cheesy. I know, blasphemous given the level of detail Jackson goes to and the amount of money he spends. But, I don;t know, it felt more whimsical than I expected or wanted, I guess. I think the CGI bunnies did it. I’m sure it’ll be great but the trailer had the me less enthused than when i didn’t watch it.

  5. I for one am happy that the tone is a little lighter and more whimsical than LotR, as that is how the book comes off IMO. I too am still skeptical at turning such a short and simple book into 3 movies, but I’m glad they didn’t try to make it grittier or “darker” than it needs to be.

  6. Having reread the Hobbit recently, I think that the Hobbit could easily be turned into 3 movies. It may be the shortest of the books, but that is primarily b/c of the success that the Hobbit brought Tolkien he was able to slow down and be much grander with his writing in LoTR.

    Giving adequate attention to the trip to Rivendale and through goblins tunnels is going to eat up a LOT of time.

    And the dark horror of the Mirkwood (which they were in for a couple weeks) then the elf caves, Lake-town, and sitting outside the mountain.

    Then you’ve got Smaug attacking Lake-town, the dwarves exploring the mountain, the battle of 5 armies (which can and will easily take up 30-45 minutes of screen time), the funeral for Thorin, and then the journey back (which was implied in the book to not be easy and took over a year)?

    Even the LoTR triology which did a fantastic job covering the books (and runs, what 12-14 hours total) left a lot on the cutting room floor. The Hobbit triology is likely to leave a lot less of the original story out.

    And the Hobbit is anything but simple.

  7. I loved LOTR. I just don’t have any faith in this adaptation, though. I couldn’t say why specifically; it’s more of a ‘gut check’ feeling. I hope I’m proven wrong.

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