Adam Savage Builds Han Solos Blaster

Alright, so I’ll admit that a very tiny, stupid part of me thought that Adam Savage would build Han Solo’s blaster in this video and then start burning holes in the wall with laser blasts, but turns out he’s just making the prop.

That said, it’s still incredibly cool in its own right, and reminds us that the Mythbuster team got their start in movie special effects and props years ago. Further impressive is that Savage is able to do all this in such a short time span.

Despite the lack of dead Greedos by the end, it is definitely worth watching. Check it out above.

[Nerd Approved via Laughing Squid]

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  1. A Blaster would obviously has some limitations when it comes to replication due to the physics of it.

    Replicating a Phaser though is a bit easier,

    As mentioned in the video if someone tries doing this they need to make sure they have the proper eyewear, otherwise the chances of blinding yourself are high.

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