A Rather Fantastically Cut Faux-Film, Gotham High

Apparently this video is about two years old, but I missed it then, and only just now has it been brought to my attention. It’s a fake trailer for a fictional film, Gotham High, which features a young woman on a quest to find a prom date at a high school in Gotham City.

It’s really, really well done, mostly because it goes to painstaking lengths to find old footage of the actors who played characters in the recent Batman films, most of whom actually starred in high school based movies at one point or another (Anne Hathaway, Heath Ledger, Christian Bale, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, etc). Some make do with recasting (Iceman, Riddler), some use the same actors but non-high school footage (Bane’s Tom Hardy in Bronson), but all of it ends up fitting together supremely well, including the eventual reveal of the narrator herself. It really is a must watch, and by the end, I almost wished it was real.

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