A Map of TV Shows in America


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Above we have a map cartographed(?) by James Chapman which shows an exhaustive list of where many of our favorite TV shows have taken place in America. Sorry the rest of the world, you’re out of luck for this one.

You can find yourself on the map, and see which shows are near you. In my home town of (the suburbs of) Detroit, I have Home Improvement, 8 Simple Rules and Freaks and Geeks to my name. Two out of three ain’t bad.

In my current location, upstate New York, I have…literally nothing. No surprise because NOTHING EVER HAPPENS HERE.

So, any good shows by you?


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  1. Closest to me (Bradenton, FL, located just south of Tampa), is Miami. So I got Dexter.

    AND Golden Girls, which they somehow forgot to put on this map.

    Also not on the map is Cougar Town, which I’ve never seen, but hear it’s set in a fictional town just south of Sarasota, which is a bit south of me.

    I used to live across the state in Melbourne, just south of Cocoa Beach, setting of I dream of Genie.

    Hometown is also upstate new york… nothing… wooo

  2. Having a ton of shows not mentioned on this map isn’t the biggest thing that bugs me. It is the fact that they have Seattle as being located in the middle of Washington state. Does this person not know basic geography? Also, what the hell is up with Kentucky looking all jacked up?

  3. I’m from northern WI to start with. So what about Step by Step from Port Washington, WI and Picket Fences from Rome, WI? Sloppy, just sloppy.

  4. That is a REALLY BAD MAP of tv shows in our country.

    I’m in Ohio and they missed 3 really good ones!

    1.) The Drew Carrey Show
    2.) WKRP in Cincinnati
    3.) Family Ties

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