5 Shows to Watch Now That Game of Thrones is Over


It’s hit that time again when our Westeros-less blues begin, no Game of Thrones next week.. To help cope with the lack of profanity, blood and nudity riddled shenanigans – I thought I’d compile a list of great shows to watch now you’ve got space in your diary.

Orange is the New Black


Everyone’s favourite bad girls are back. If you’ve never watched Orange is the New Black, you’re missing out. Plenty of the aforementioned profanity and nudity, with a bit of blood here and there of course (being a prison ‘n’ all), but with a nice mix of serious storyline and comedy. The latest season was just entirely released on Netflix, so there’s something to watch for the people who were watchers already.

The Walking Dead


The latest season only recently finished, so now’s a good time to sit down and binge-watch the zombie drama. What can nicely be summed up as an amazingly written gorefest, this always promises to have you fully indulged in the show. Dead people walking, living people showing their true colours and probably more questions than answers – it’s as if someone had a dream of creating a soap opera for men. Don’t get me wrong, as many women love this too. Hell, who doesn’t? Find it on Netflix, season 6 may have to be found online (I’m sure you know where to look).

Netflix Marvel Cinematic Universe


It was hard to narrow down just one show from what are, quite frankly, some of the best and well written superhero shows TV/online has to offer. When I wrote this, I am referring to the likes of; “Jessica Jones”, “Daredevil”, “Luke Cage” and “Ironfist”. The latter two are not on our horizon just yet, but the two prior most certainly are. Both Miss Jones and the blind Dutchman (he’s not Dutch, I just thought that sounded cool) have found quite the success on Netflix, with new orders for more seasons already commissioned. Both with a darker atmosphere most would have expected, great actor choices and stories that are just utterly compelling – you’ll find it hard not to love them with the fact they’re beautifully blended with super powers.



The obvious choice for an easier transition from GoT. With a very similar atmosphere, you’ll soon find yourself hooked to this Norse epic. Plenty of drama to relate to and of course the unsurprising fact there’s a lot of battles to enjoy. If I had to pitch it to someone in a so many words: “If you like Game of Thrones, you’ll like this”. Not on Netflix as it’s a History Channel show, but easy to find online if you know the places (e.g. Popcorn Time).

Black Sails


Another History Channel show, this is something I find far too underrated. I know it’s up against some big dogs in this golden age for TV, but it is by no means a lesser show. Yes, it doesn’t have the budget the other shows have – but it certainly has fantastic actors, such as Toby Stephens, and an incredible atmosphere that keeps you entranced in the show. Set in the swashbuckling times of Pirates, it’s another one you’ll want to binge watch when you start it.

Honorable Mentions:

The Goldbergs – funny, heartwarming, set in the 80s. Need I say more?

Powers – great concept for a story of a once much loved superhero, now detective that sees his powers lost.

Archer – hilarious adult animated comedy, voice actor favourite H. Jon Benjamin stars (Bob of Bob’s Burgers).

The Big Bang Theory – everyone at this point knows the show, all there to enjoy in it’s glory on Netflix.

Sons of Anarchy – I wanted to put into the main selection, one of my favourite shows, just watch it.

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