A Man and His Love for Worgen

Who’s crazier? A man who gets eight poorly drawn tattoos of Neytiri from Avatar on his back, or a man who gets one giant fantastic mural of a fictionally wolf warrior from World of Warcraft? I think it’s a tie where everyone ┬áloses.

I don’t know his name, but this guy loves World of Warcraft SO much, he’s happy with a full back tat for life of his favorite character. Whether the game is still relevant in five or ten years is debatable, but hopefully WoW2 will have Worgen or else he’ll feel mighty foolish.

I may feel a special bond to my Paragon Shepard in Mass Effect or my Immortal King Barbarian in Diablo, but good lord, why would I EVER get them permanently etched on my skin? I think you need about 5,000 hours of bonding time with your character for your relationship to ascend to that level.

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  1. I hate WOW.

    This read was so boring ,close minded,foolish and unneeded, You just found some picture of a guy with a WOW Tattoo that looks bad-ass and decided to make fun of him? Who are you to Judge the relevance of his tattoo. Its relevant to him and I’m sure it means something more than you can understand, Hell maybe he just thinks werewolves are awesome the Tattoo is wonderfully done that is all that really matters. Who cares if the game is still around or not in a few years?

    If you don’t have any gaming news or other cool shit to talk about don’t resort to bullying its not very classy.

  2. Hey, He does a great job on this site most of the time. I enjoy WoW, but I don’t slam other new posts for not being WoW or something that I don’t enjoy. This is game related, and about a nutjob with a insane tat. It says Worgen on the link… so don’t click it. Nobody cares what you like or dislike and if you don’t like his stuff then don’t come to his site… this is so easy to get unless you are a complete tard.

  3. @ superpug You seem to have missed my point When i stated I hate wow, I wasnt complaining that this was a wow related post. It was in reference to the fact that I dislike wow but still would not ridicule this person for their love of the game and their choice in tattoo work. I do usually like the post here. I think this blatant bully post was simply unneeded.

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