A Gallery of Rather Cool Fifth Element Concept Art

01 - Leelos sarcophagus

After all these years, the Fifth Element remains of the best, most bizarre sci-fi films of all time, and an accurate predictor of the rise of pop stars like Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj.

The gallery above and below is full of early concept art from the series which includes Leeloo, the city and flying cars, and the blue…fish…singing…thing. What was her name again? Oh yea,┬áDiva Plavalaguna. How could I forget that?

Check out the full gallery below via:

17 - Diva On Stage

15 - Fhloston Hall

14 - Shuttle arrival

13 - Shuttle Interior

12 - New York Taxi

11 - NYPD Police Cruiser

10 - Fingers Garage

09 - New York Spaceport 2

08 - New York Spaceport 1

07 - Metro Express

06 - New York Library

05 - New York City

04 - View of East River

03 - New York City

02 - Laboratory

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