A Gallery of Aziz Ansari Photoshopped Onto Rap Album Covers

Aziz Ansari 19


For some reason or another, Aziz Ansari, a tiny dorky Indian man, is now usually associated with hip-hop. Whether he’s talking about his rapper idols in character on Parks and Recreation, or fashioning entire stand-up bits around his time spent hanging out with Kanye West, the guy has hip-hop on the brain.

That’s why one of his fans (or let’s face it, maybe Aziz himself) went around and photoshopped his face onto a bunch of famous rap album galleries in what is the best photoshop project I’ve seen this month. This is about as close as we’ll get to posting something about music here, but trust me, it’s worth.

Check out the gallery below sent to me by Kevin, who almost assuredly ganked it from reddit.

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