A Dinner Party at Luigi’s Mansion

Yes, this is my second Super Smash Bros. family picture in as many days, but I don’t think it’s from the same artist. Though it might be. I can’t tell.  Tineye is not being helpful.

In any case, whoever did this captured pretty much every character of the game attending a dinner party at Luigi’s Manson, except the host himself, Luigi! He was in Brawl, right?

Brawl is admittedly one of the most fun Wii games, but the original will always be the best for me. You add in 45 characters to any fighting game, and it’s going to be unbalanced to a noticeable degree. It’s like playing Starcraft with ten races.

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  1. It may just be me, but if you look at the stew they’re stirring….does that look like Luigi’s hat or am I imagining things? Pretty macabre, I think.

  2. hmmm, i was going to say i couldnt find luigi, but since you pointed out his hat is in the pot.. i notice mario has a pretty sinister look on his face.. not cool, im thinking luigi.. its whats for dinner.

  3. it seems to have more then just brawl characters, its like a mix of all the games.

    Strange things:
    Mario is putting poisonus mushrooms in the soup.
    C. Falcon is putting pikmin in the soup
    Olimar is searching for his pikmin (see above D:!)
    Toon Link is looking for a pig, and marth is holding it
    luigi’s hat is in the soup and he is no where to be found O_o
    ganondorf seems happy o.o

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