A Different Look at Kill Bill

kill bill

While I really do love Kill Bill, I think it might have been better if Tarantino found the ability to edit it into one long film, rather than two. Like, nowadays nobody wants to sit down and watch Kill Bill because you’re left with either an unfinished part one, or have to spend like five hours watching both at once. As such, I haven’t watched it since theaters.

Anyway, here’s some rather cool Kill Bill art from Justin Orr, who has animated the best fight sequence of the film (Crazy 88) and below you’ll find some zoom-ins on the details of the individual characters glimpsed at above. 

kill bill2

kill bill3

kill bill4

kill bill5

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  1. Both parts weren’t released at the same time. Therefor to get the “full effect” one had to watch Vol:1 at home immediately before going to the theater to watch Vol:2 Most people I know are perfectly content watching one or the other at separate times. Secondly, I don’t know anybody that sits down to watch all 9 hours of LOTR, each of which is unfinished until the next part or given no lead in because you were expected to have seen the previous film. Maybe I can see that nobody would go and rent Vol 1 w/o Vol 2 but I doubt the continuity factor keeps people from watching when it’s on.

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