A Compilation of Al Bundy’s Best Married with Children Insults

This current generation will know Ed O’Neill as one of the ensemble stars of ABC’s Modern Family, the hit that just so far isn’t losing any steam. There he plays a wise-cracking patriarch, which is not a far cry from his last, most famous role on Married with Children.

It’s probably true that O’Neill was given far more room to shine on that show, as he was the main star and the writing was a bit sharper. An intrepid YouTuber decided to hunt through the entire series and pull out what he deemed to be O’Neill’s best insults as Al Bundy. And boy, there are a lot of them.

I miss the days when a laugh track sitcom didn’t automatically have to be awful. What changed where that’s the case these days? I never really did understand that sudden switch flip.

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