A Closer Look at the Nvidia Shield TV Gaming Edition

The Nvidia Shield TV Gaming edition has earned the reputation for being the sleekest and fastest edition yet. It’s packed with features that make it among the most popular choices for gaming and streaming. This innovative new technological wonder deserves a much closer look, in case you haven’t inspected it up close and personal yourself.


The Nvidia Shield TV Gaming Edition delivers world class performance offering a new generation in versatility and speed. Whether you choose to use it for a game console, a media server, a streaming device or a smart home hub, it’s up to the job.


The Shield can be customized as you go and it is capable of evolving and becoming even smarter with new features.

4K Home Theater entertainment

The visual experience is the ultimate thanks to the 4K HDR visual quality that surrounds you with Dolby Atmos along with DTS-X technology for crystal clear audio with depth and richness.

GeForce Now Beta Access

You can turn your Shield TV into a PC gaming system with powerful GeForce. There are hundreds of games you can choose from which are supported by the system including Fortnite and many others. There is no end to the content that you can access including games, television shows, music and movies. Apps are available for all of these including Chromecast apps for viewing Google photos. You can even conduct entertainment searches through voice commands. Access Amazon and Google Ecosystems, the Google Assistant and Google Play music and movies. This unit works with Google Home and Alexa is in control of the Shield. Echo gives you hands free use and you can even enjoy Prime music and video.

A closer look at the features

The 4K HDR visual technology makes images, movies and games stand out with realistic detail and clarity. The visuals are sharp and defined. It gives you the ultimate viewing with image quality four times sharper than the previous generation. The color spectrum is also enhanced. You can see brighter images, more details and more vividness in the colors thanks to the High Dynamic Range.

Voice command searching

The Nvidia Shield TV Gaming edition comes with Google voice search built-in so you no longer need to type in words when you want to locate content. You can ask questions and get answers, go to YouTube, Netflix and other popular streaming services. The system offers a smarter type of voice search with intuitive programming that makes it easier than ever to find just what you’re looking for.

There are a lot of reasons to get the Nvidia Shield TV gaming edition

This impressive and versatile system has been voted as the best device on the market for television streaming. Most of the apps that you will need to use for customization are already included in the Google Play store. If you don’t find everything that you want there, you can also load android apps. Third party apps can also be placed on the home screen as it allows you to add shortcuts that take you to them. It already comes with Amazon and Netflix streaming apps installed and ready to use out of the box. If you have an account, you can use them right away and if you don’t, it doesn’t take long to set them up.

The new Nvidia system allows you to play virtually any type of video or audio file if you have the proper app. This system allows you to use an eternal hard drive for transferring files from other devices that are on your network. It’s also compatible with a Bluetooth controller.

Other exciting features

The Nvidia system also has a USB input for extra storage. It also works with any universal remote that is programmable. The unit is small and compact in size and it’s really fast. It’s one of the most versatile smart units available on the market today and this special edition comes packed with all of the best and most useful features that the imagination can conjure. It’s also very affordable. You can own the Nvidia Shield TV gaming edition for under $200. If you’re interested in a total enhancement in the way that you enjoy entertainment in your home, this system offers the solution.

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