5 Professions That Surprisingly Don’t Have a Reality Show

It’s easy for TV shows to slip past my radar. Especially when most don’t last longer than a couple episodes. I’m usually at least aware of most, if not all, of the reality shows available. Especially being an avid watcher of The Soup.

The other day I flipped onto a show about little people making chocolate. It didn’t surprise me that the show existed (it’s on the station that loves shows about midgets) but the real surprise was that it’s yet another reality show about a job. Sure, the people involved are the same size as their cakes, but it’s a pretty boring gig.

There are some interesting professions that TV producers seems to avoid. Here are a couple that would make for interesting television.

The People Of Home Shopping

I’ve seen behind the scenes features about the break-neck and fast paced life on the other side of the home shopping cameras and it seems like it would make for a pretty decent reality show. While the people on camera are smiling and selling mail-order steaks, there are people running around like lunatics because it’s 24-hour live television. Viewers would especially be fascinated by the volume of goods moved in just a few moments of TV time for each product. Sick, sick money running through those channels.

Gym Owners/Workers

Now, there was Work Out on Bravo, but that was more a personal training studio that was focused on the star Jackie and her struggles with a personal life while running a business. I’m talking about a reality show about all of the odd things that happen in fitness facility. I’ve worked in two gyms (managed one of them) and I’ve got hundreds of odd stories not just about the employees but the customers. I once had someone leave a bag of pee in a trash can. Had a masseuse break in overnight (with a key, but still) and take all his stuff to work for the gym across town and have heard about more than a few people get walked in on in the locker room. I’ll leave it at that.

Limo Drivers

Is there any other gig that can take you from the highest highs to the lowest lows in just a week of working? On Monday a driver could be shuttling around dignitaries or a celeb in town and by the weekend he is escorting drunk high school kids to prom and cleaning their Skittles and champagne vomit from the ash trays. There is also a ton of pressure put on the driver as far as getting the client places on time, no matter the traffic or issues that arise. It’s not the most relaxing profession by any stretch. Stretch. Limo. That’s a pun kids.


A completely morbid profession but you can’t tell me their isn’t a sick interest by some people to see exactly what goes down during the whole process. I’m sure there would have to be some type of legal agreement (who wants a loved ones funeral on national television) but maybe if they agree they get half off the funeral. No one exactly dying to be on a show about dying. It would be worth it for some of the stranger characters that run these places.


This is shocking. I did some research (IE – browsed Google) just to make sure there wasn’t a lifeguard reality show and after checking about two pages nothing came up so as far as I’m concerned none exist. Just waiting for the lightbulb to get lit over some studio executives head when they finally figure out people who go to work in a bathing suit might make for a good TV show. Baywatch with things dying besides the career of David Charvet. Lifeguard with floatation devices outside their bathing suit. Real life Hoffs. Make it so Bravo!

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  1. Just so u know there are several life guard shows in Australia, most popular is “Bondi rescue” and the fascination with Bondi has even lead to a show called “Bondi Vet.” Just thought I would share a down under perspective

  2. Yeah, see, I’m SHOCKED there isn’t an American version. I thought I was wrong, but that never happens. Well once. The answer was 7. I’d said “Funyons”.

  3. There are some lifeguard shows on TV. I live in Huntington Beach, CA and we have one filmed here during the summers. It’s called ‘Ocean Force’ and if I’m not mistaken its on TruTV.

    Would definitely like to hear some of your gym stories.

  4. I had a internship back in college about 3 years ago with the leading Manufacturing Rep for toys, electronics, and season shit at QVC. I lived the behind the scenes in the studio at QVC and even did a a 24 hour shift during there Xmas in July day. Its pretty crazy I must admit but its actually quite controlled chaos. I dont know if it would make for a good TV show but the idea is a good one. I will say it is amazing how the Hosts wing half the products that are brought onto the segment.

    More so then the product is the actual host. The demographics of the people who watch is are Female, older (40+), anti social, or low income. The viewers actually buy the crap based on the host and how much they like them rather they what they actually are. Which is why many of the people who read this would laugh at someone on QVC selling a HD TV and be like “this idiot has no clue whats hes talking about”. Well thats because they are selling it to there fans, not someone who wants a TV. The selling angle is more like “why your husband or son, or grandson” would want this piece of shit product.

    Anyways good idea, It was fun when they built a Wrestling rink for Hulk Hogan to sell some freaking grill at 3am in the morning

  5. Dev- I could do a post titled “7 WTF Moments While Working at a Gym” but I’ll have to clear it with the powers that be.

    Deftones- I’m surprised by that, but really I’m not. I can imagine there being a loyalty to hosts. I failed to mention that when I can’t sleep (and especially this one point in my life getting over a bad break-up) I would put on home shopping shows to kind of keep me company. It was because they were other people awake at that hour.

  6. There is a show about Irish kids who go to California to train as life haired
    Not sure is it released yet but it looks funny as their white skin gets really burnt 😉

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