Medieval Fight Club Looks Terrifying, Exhilirating

I’ve never been the “Renaissance Fair” type of nerd, sticking with video games and movies and TV instead, but I can understand the appeal of strapping on a suit of armor. But then what? You just walk around and get incredibly hot?

That’s where the PLWR comes in. It stands for Polska Liga Walk Rycerskich which I’m guessing roughly translates to “Beat the Shit Out of Each Other With Swords.” Yes, it’s a medieval fight club where participants duke it out in a small area in full armor with somewhat real weapons. From the video above, it looks like no joke. How do you know if you win? When the other people are unconscious or dead? I’m no safety nanny, but holy crap, how do people not lose eyeballs or break fingers every other match? Still, I want to give it a go.

Also, I can see this being a reality TV show within five years.

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