15 Ways Disneyland Does Not Want to Be Represented

I for one have never been to Disneyland.  I prefer Disney World but if you live in California or near there then I suppose it can’t be a bad substitute.   Then again it must suck being the red headed step child to the larger and more successful theme park in Orlando, Florida.

As such you gotta think that some of the employees get pretty restless on some days.   Turns out they do, and more often than not.   Want to see what I mean?

Check out these 15 pictures of ways you shouldn’t represent your employer….

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  1. To say that Disneyland is a red headed step child to Disneyworld is kind of a travesty. Disneyland is THE original, and has rides that Disneyworld doesn’t (most famously the Matterhorn bobsleds). If anything, the one in Orlando should be viewed as the cheap knock off to the grand daddy of them all.

  2. Some of these weren’t even taken at Disneyland and one of them needs a photoshopped in hand and eye sight lines to get the point across. I can’t imagine the peons at Disneyworld are any more motivated than the peons at Disneyland.

    Just because EgoTV (clearly a site that obviously values accurate reporting over siteviews) says they were taking at Disneyland doesn’t mean they were. I’m sure they meant Disneyland in the sense that it is the generic term for “Disney theme park”. And this shit can happen at any of the Disney’s parks. Or if someone manages to get a Disney costume. You in a hurry or something? No time to post something real, just copy content and add a trollish comment about Disneyworld vs Disneyland? This is the kind of shit that makes me primarily read this site for it’s links to content on other sites.

  3. Disneyland > Disneyworld….this coming from someone who has been to both. Disneyworld lacks that magic feeling that Disneyland has

    That said, both are amazing parks and this is a pretty entertaining post

  4. The only thing that Disney World has going for it is the multiple different parks you can go to (but you still have to pay for parking at each park which is a whole shortbus full of retarded), where Disneyland only has the two. That’s it. After just visiting Disney World last month I have to say that Disneyland is 10 times better. It has the better Pirates ride with an awesome restaurant inside it, the Matterhorn and a better Haunted House ride as well. Disney World is definitely the red-headed stepchild of the two while EuroDisney is probably the mutant chud child who lives under the floorboards.

    Also, what is up with the kids grabbing crotches?

  5. agree that disneyland > disneyworld… it’s hard to formulate an opinion if you haven’t been to both, wouldn’t you think?

    also, yeah… at least 4 of these were not taken at d-land.

  6. Gotta disagree on the Land vs World debate… I was pretty unimpressed with Disneyland, and loved Disneyworld… but, then again, I was just hanging with some buddies while on leave and spent most of the day at California Adventure when I was out in Cali, and I went to Disneyworld with my fiance… Big difference in overall feel then.

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